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The Passenger Tariff Coordinating Conferences 2017 Composite meeting, held at the IATA offices in Geneva, Switzerland, reviewed a proposal to discontinue production of IATA (YY) fares starting from 2018 by rescinding all fares resolutions.

This proposal was adopted and airlines agreed to stop the sale of IATA (YY) fares as from 1 November 2018, with the last ticketing date 31 October 2018. Members are advised to consult Memorandum PTC COMP 1850 dated 18 July 2017 for more details.

As a consequence, the last three planned 2018 e-Tariffs meetings concluded on the 6th of April 2018 and no more e-Tariffs sessions will take place. Registered users may access the platform to download minutes of the past sessions until 31st of July 2018, after which the platform will be permanently closed. If you have any queries or require assistance, please contact us at tariffs@iata.org